Lead UX Designer/Director of User Experience

Coached Jr. members, and participated in design, marketing, and strategic planning.

Created wireframes, personas, user journeys, task flows, navigation taxonomy, low and high fidelity mockups, and marketing newsletters.

Project Vision

Lifespeed was a startup dedicated to creating a user-centric healthcare platform that would allow users to personalize their health stories.


To create a secure platform for users and medical professionals to exchange personal and medical records.

Lifespeed at iTunes


Interviews with users revealed that poeple have a close relationship with their medical records, and three pain points when dealing with them:

  • Receiving personal and family medical records
  • Organization
  • Access and sharing

To empathize with the users, we conducted interviews nd based on the outcomes, I created personas.

Strategically, the team decided to focus on one single persona for MVP.

Persona - Megan Hawkins
Persona - Mike Carver
Persona - Pam Smith

User journeyss and task flows allowed me to identify opportunities, which were shared with the team and helped to drive priorities

Task Mapping

Interaction Design

Using low-fidelity prototypes and wireframes, I conducted usability tests, iterated, and collaborated with the team on development.

High-Fidelity Mockups

Upon iterating the prototypes with selected users I created semi-high-fidelity mockups.

When I came to Lifespeed they already had a defined theme, so during my term I started the Design System and refinement of functional and presentation components.

Upload Records
Gallery Permissions
Doctor Portal
Doctor Portal
Doctor Portal


Lifespeed went out of stealth mode in May 2015.

In July 2015 the co-founders were invited to participate in the Healthbox program, for entrepreneurs in the healthcare industry. This was a pivoting moment for Lifespeed as the product focus shifted to Hospitals.

In October 2015 our small team was dismantled 😢

The main lesson that we all learned was to ship something, ship small, and ship fast.

I am humbled by the opportunity, and grateful to have shared moments, passion, and hard work with such a great team.