B2B/SaaS/Ping Details Redesign


Sr. UX/UI Software Engineer

Project Vision

RevenueRadar is an equity data mining application that - as of 2014 - was bringing hundreds of thousands in profits through "Pings", which are leads. The "Ping Details" screen needed a re-design to solidify and increase conversion and retention.


A discoverable screen that would facilitate business deals and allow car sales professionals to operate effectively.

Problem & Solution

Research and Design

Interviews and Contextual Inquiries

Interviews with users and customer service revealed that new users didn’t know how to get to this screen.

Users also wanted to simultaneously perform other tasks without leaving the window.

I used rapid iteration with users and stakeholders to find solutions for identified needs and to generate new UI ideas.

Sketching and Prototyping

Ping Details Evolution

To empathize with users, I partnered with the PO and visited car delerships to conduct observation and usability tests.

At the same time, the engineering team was implementing new technologies and the Design team was working on a new Design System (and iterating on it as well). These changes helped to influce some design choices and trade-offs.


The new Ping Details became its page, with new features such as Notes, Calendar, and Appointments.

The final design allowed users to complete tasks, while keeping the core of the original design. It is also easier to use, and received positive feedback.


When I started this project, Design Thinking was a foreign concept at DealerSocket - and we can observe that reflected on the first two versions of the design, which was the Team's idea of what the design should be.

As the first Sr. UX Designer of DealerSocket, I introduced the ever-evolving/refining process.

I was somehow new to it at the time and it was humbling to learn more as we worked with it. In hindsight, I wish I had introduced it earlier.